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Ripon Horn Blower

This portrait of the Ripon Hornblower hangs in the City of Ripon Town Hall and was given jointly to the City at the time of the Millennium by the Ripon artist David Page and the then Mayor of the City Cllr. Alan Skidmore. For more information about the horn itself and the reason for blowing it each evening can be found at

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  • 1My ancester Edward Heward was the Ripon Hornblower from 1903-1916
  • 2When we visited by boat from Selby found the city most interesting and very much enjoyed the Hornblower's performance, especially when he involved the junior member of our party. Should be much more known through the country.
  • 3 We found it very interesting,especially that he involved children to spark their interest. My earlier comments above caused several friends to decide to visit Ripon next year.
  • 4I like the horn blower, when i was little i went to see him with a group called brownies, we saw him blow the horn an each side of the obelisk at about 9 o' clock.
  • 5An earie sound drifted over our famous sussex downs it was the sound of a famous horn but when put together with the sight of a little navy man running around our hostalries trying to buy our lovely true brewed ale with these funny wooden pennies to bring us luck we got to wonder where it came from, on reserch find a misterious chariture called the "ripon hornblower" can you enlighten us before boarding another liner !!!
  • 6My dad's grandad was edward heward referred to about if anyone no's anything about him could u olease contact me my email is thanks
  • 7The Ripon Hornblower Lucky Wooden Penny was introduced by the present Hornblower when he took office in 2004. These are given out freely by him on the market square after he has 'Set The watch' by sounding the Horn at the four corners of the Obelisk at 9pm each evening. Almost 20 thousand have now been given out and letters and emails from all over the world are recieved almost daily from people who's luck has changed for the better. with regard to health, wealth and happiness. People in serious need travel long distances to stay in Ripon for the chance of meeting the Hornblower and hoping to get a Lucky Wooded Penny.

Ripon Horn Blower