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Shopping in Ripon

The City of Ripon is bustling with shoppers and boasts having one of the oldest running markets in England. The market fills the Square every Thursday where you can find stalls selling pretty much everything, from fruit and vegetables, household wares, clothes and shoes to sweets. Traditionally the bellman will ring the bell at 11am to open the market each week. The Market Square is also used at other times for craft fairs and farmers markets.

The Market Square in Ripon is the heart of the shopping centre and there are shops all the way around the Square as well as on the streets leading off the Market Square. The street that leads off the market place heading towards the Cathedral is Kirkgate, here you will find a wide variety of shops and places to eat.

Ripon has such a variety of shops ranging from small boutique shops to high street chain stores. Many of the shops have been established and part of the City for many decades.

Ripon has aimed to provide the shoppers with everything that they need in one place and you will be surprised at how much is available from the shops in Ripon. Ripon's shops cater for all ages from the young trendy fashion shops to the more traditional shops.

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