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Ripon is a small cathedral city in Yorkshire, England, situated 11 miles north of Harrogate between the cities of York and Leeds, centred upon its relatively small but vital Cathedral which can date its ancestery back to 672AD. Nearby are the 12th century ruins of Fountains Abbey, among the finest monastic ruins in Europe, which were incorporated into a romantic landscaped garden with a lake, formal water garden, temples, and a deer park.

The Rivers Ure, Skell and Laver flow through Ripon from the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and a canal basin has been developed in the centre of Ripon which is visited by many elaborate and colourful narrow boats that stop off for a few days whilst touring Yorkshires extensive canal system.

Ripon is the 4th smallest city in England and has the characteristics of a vibrant market town. Ripon has many shops situated around the large market square in the centre, with roads called Fishergate, Westgate, North Street and Kirkgate leading off from it. Kirkgate leads to Ripon Cathedral and Minstergate. In the centre of the market place stands an obelisk which is 300 years old. Each night at 9pm an ancient tradition dating back to 11th century is performed by the towns Hornblower. He will �set the watch� by blowing his horn from each corner of the market square around the obelisk which stands 90ft tall and built in 1703. This continues daily and is a great tourist attraction.

There is a thriving market which is held each Thursday on the market place, and there are also other events such as farmers markets and craft fairs which use the pedestrianised city centre as a trading place.

Ripon has a Race Course which was established in 1664, and is known as the Garden Race Course. It has 14 days of flat racing through the months April to August, and is a popular venue for local race goers.

Ripon has a leisure centre, swimming pool, tennis club, 18 hole golf course and driving range, as well as plenty of opportunity to go fishing. The beautiful Spa Gardens with its original bandstand are an excellent venue for relaxing.

Tourist Office

Situated in the Town Hall on the Market Square, it will show you the many tourist attractions that will cater for all interests in Ripon or a little further afield. Lightwater Valley Theme Park is just 4 miles from Ripon providing a great family day out. Ripon is also very close to Fountains Abbey and Studley Park, Norton Conyers, Newby Hall, Ripley Castle and Brimham Rocks.

Ripon Museum

Three restored buildings under the banner of the Yorkshire Law and Order Museums are open to the public and include The Prison and Police Museum, The Ripon Workhouse and the Courthouse Museum which show a different side of Ripons heritage. The Prison and Police Museum dates back to the 17th century and it is where the local criminals were held until it was closed during the Prison reform in 1878. The Workhouse Museum shows the lives that people had in the Ripon workhouse in the 18th century showing the hard times and suffering that the poor had to endure. The most recent museum to open is the Courthouse Museum which allows you to stand in the dock, or be the judge watching over the proceedings.

Ripon Cathedral

The Cathedral building itself is part of the continuing act of worship in Ripon today. Worship has taken place on the site for over 1300 years. There is plenty to please here from the subtle twin towered thirteenth century west front to the choirs misericords and ancient crypt. Many parts of the original building still survive to this day.

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  • 1I would welcome information about parking ~ something I will have to do before I can ask anything at the TIC. Alan Naylor ~
  • 2There are various car parks in Ripon that provide both long and short stay parking. The market square has limited spaces for short stay, then there are the bigger car parks at the West of the Market Place, and also next to the Bus Station.
  • 3I have just found this site & I think its wonderful I have sent some postcards to family & friends in western australia as im from there. Now they can see it all. I will look to see what phtos I have. Wonderful! Yours Jo
  • 4Just to agree with Comment 1 on parking - please consider putting a map on your site that shows the market square, the cathedral, and the car parks near by. Thanks!
  • 5After visiting ripon which is such a lovly place seemed to be spoiled by the car park and roads around the main square. Could this be fully pedestrianised I'm sure this would increase the already the high appeal regards paul
  • 6Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We have now included in the Community Links section a map of the car parks in Ripon which also shows the Cathedral, Market Square and the museums. Regards, Ripon Internet Admin.
  • 7Ripon Library is a great place to go and find a book, DVD, CD, or a audio book. There are do many different catagories, but one slight propblem is, how do I look for a book on the internet from home? I'm looking fior Franz Marc, but I can't find anyway of
  • 8I am in Canada. My paternal grandmother moved here in the 1920's. She brought with her a door knocker from Ripon that has what she used to call the Ripon Witch. Is this story available?
  • 9Can you please tell how the date of the St Wilfred day Procession is worked out? is it the 1st saturday in august or is it something else thanks in advance
  • 10We think it is the nearest Saturday to the first Sunday in August .. if that helps
  • 11I'm visiting Ripon at the weekend, is there a public swimmimg pool?
  • 12Yes there is a public swimming pool, enjoy!
  • 13We have just returned from an enjoyable short break in Ripon where I noticed a poem dedicated to the memory of a young airman in a display. I would be grateful if someone could tell me the name of the author.
  • 14Stationed there for 4 years ,loved it,would like to meet others from 48 Field Squadron stationed there (1965-1969)
  • 15We are considering moving to Ripon next year. We have done a fair amount of research but need to know from residents what it is really like to live in Ripon, for example with regards to crime in the area, and particularly from the perspective of a teenage
  • 16The poem to the memory of an Airman ? if it is the one I am thinking about that is read out at the annual Battle of Britain Service, I would suggests you write to The President, Ripon RAFA Club and Branch, Kirgate, Ripon, North Yorks; and he will have all
  • 17I am trying to trace my auntie June Humble who used to live near the cathedral. Help me contact maureen Otway at in Vancouver Canada Thanks
  • 18I am moving to ripon in 2 weeks and really its the same question as number 15 what is the area like for crime and what its like from a residents point of view??
  • 19I retired here about 6 years ago and it was the best move I have ever made. Crime and disorderly conduct are well below the average for the U.K. The City although small is alive with well organised things to do for all age groups. It has retained its history.
  • 20Thank you for Q18 (I hope the move goes/went well), and for answer no.19 - this is very reassuring to know. Have a good Christmas! From Q15.
  • 21Has Ripon been effected by the floods over last few tears
  • 22 Hi No. 18. I hope the move went well and a very warm welcome to Ripon. I hope you are enjoying what you have found in your new surroundings. Happy Christmas from No. 19.
  • 23Re: Question 21. One would imagine that lying betwixt rivers Skell and Ure, flooding would be a major problem in Ripon. Fortunately though, we've faired much better than many other regions with only minor problems during the very worst freak weather conditions. The Ure especially, our largest river continues to give confidence to local residents as it has done for many years. As per No. 19's answer, we moved here almost 6 years ago and being close to a river, flooding was of paramount importance to us, but we're assured and feel very safe. Moving to Ripon was the best thing we ever did for our family - there's a low crime rate, a much slower, relaxed pace of life, friendly people and good schools and a deep rooted community.
  • 24I had the pleasure of taking my grandson to the evening Hornblower last Friday evening (1st) and afterwards we received a 'good luck penny'. I am delighted to inform you that it did bring luck, On checking our lottery tickets yesterday we won the Friday lottery a full 8.20. So thank you. A request for a photo will shortly be sent to Hornblower George. Thank you again. Brian
  • 25We are planning on moving to Ripon with two young children but so far have only seen the small park by the river on the Harrogate Road - is there any other parks for the children?
  • 26Hi i am looking for my dad Arthur Graham...if anyone knows his where abouts please let me know...thank you...Belinda from Canada
  • 27We are planning to move to Ripon I was wondering what the Schools are like, and what activities are on offer, My children are aged 10 and 5. Thankyou
  • 28Please note that the youth hostels listed - Aysgarth Falls and Ellingstring have now sadly closed. The closest to Ripon are York, Hawes in Upper Wensleydale and Grinton Lodge in Swaledale.
  • 29Does the Consevative Club still exist. The last time I was in Ripon I used it prior to going on Christmas Leave. I even won a few prizes in the Christmas Draw.
  • 30Hi my family has a clock with a brass plate to H W HALL from :RIPON AUX" RSPCA dated about 1915 does this does this still exist any info welcome Reply Frank Hall australia email thankyou for a lovely site
  • 31Hello I am a resident of Ripon, California, USA. I would love to talk to some residents from Ripon UK. I am a voluneer Fire Fighter and I was wondering if you have a Fire Station or something similar in your own town.
  • 32I live in Ripon. In answer to Q25: yes there is more than one park for kids in Ripon. There's one just down from the cathedral and that has just had brand new play thingys erected. There's also a paddling pool and park...Oh and there's the Spa gardens with OAP bowling and crazy golf for the kids. Q29: Yes the Cons club does still exist, and from the last time I went in there, it probably still looks the same as whenever you went in, probably even the same bar staff for that matter. Q30: Hi Frank, I've lived here in Ripon all of my 36 years and I have never heard of the "Ripon AUX RSPCA". Sorry I couldn't help. perhaps you could try googling Ripon. Q31: As you've probably guessed, I live in Ripon UK. I'm not a fire fighter, but in answer to your Q about whether we have a station, Yes we do. Perhaps you could email me a request to post through their letter box when I'm passing next (I'll write on it, "please put on notice board, message from fellow fire fighter in Ripon, California,USA).
  • 33Q26 did you emigrate to Canada when you were about 7 (ish). I think you were my best friend. Before I was married my maiden name was Michelle Render. If you remember me please get in touch it would be great to hear from you. my email is
  • 34Are there any wheelchair accessible places in and around Ripon that I could take my Dad to(by car)please? We tried the Spa Gardens, but the one disabled carspace was occupied.The Ripon Marina towpath is fine, for a warm dry day. Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre is alright up to a point, but I've failed the intelligence test regarding the car park.I know it'll be me, but I CANNOT find my way out easily!(AND the disabled parking isn't really close enough if it were raining) Are there any garden centres/farm shops/visitor attractions that have level bits, disabled toilet AND you don't have to pay a king's ransome to access?
  • 35My name is David Ripley and I am an American citizen. However, I have been fortunate to know my direct lineage back to 980 AD. Admidst the haze of time I know that Ripon was home to many of my direct ancestors. I hope to travel to your beautiful city soon, but I was hoping you might know someone who could help locate the graves of my ggggreat grandfathers and mothers. The first ancestor who may be buried in Ripon is William De Rippeley, Abbot of Fountain (b. 1184 and d. 1276). His son was John De Ripon, Rector of Whiston. He was born in Ripon abt. 1238. His place of burial is unknown. The eldest son of William was also born in Ripon abt 1230 and his name is William De Rippeley, Lord of Ripley (Our family history indicates William was killed in the Crusades, but his remains were returned to Yorkshire). The next generation is Sir John De Rypon, Sherriff of York born abt 1270 in Ripon. Sir John's wife was named Alice. Their oldest son was Lord John De Rypon, Abbot of Fountains born abt. 1310 in Ripon. Their places of burial are unknown. Lord Rypon had one son, also named John De Rypon, Archdeacon of Wells. Family records indicate he was born in Dunston, Lincolnshire abt 1377, but is beleived to be buried in Ripon. Archdeacon Rypon had two sons. The eldest son is my direct ancestor and his name is Sir George Ripley, Canon, Alchemist and Lord of Ripley. Sir George was born in Bridlington, but family history tells us that he may have been buried in Ripon abt. 1490. Sir George seems to be amoung the first of my family to move away from Ripon, however, it is believed many other family members remained in Ripon, and may in fact, still reside in Ripon. William De Rippeley, Abbot of Fountain seems to be the first family member to call Ripon his home. William is the Great Grandson of Thurstan, Archbishop of York. Lord Thurston was born in Normanby, Yorkshire abt. 1107. It appears my direct ancestors abondoned Normanby as their home around 1230 and split into two separate factions with Lord William De Rippeley's parents making Ripon their home abt 1230. Is there any one in Ripon who might be interested in assisting me in locating the resting places of my "RIPON" relatives? I would be happy to compensate qualified persons for their time and trouble. You can reach me at Thank you for any help or information you can provide. David Ripley, RDF, PhD
  • 36What is the date of the Great North Art show 2009? We come every year but there was no date for 2009 in the catalogue of 2008 and I cannot find a date on this or any other web site. Thank you.
  • 37I've heard there is an Army Barracks at Ripon. If so, how far out of town is it (CLARO BARRACKS) - and while I'm at it - how long would it take to get to London, and Scotland from Ripon. I'm from Australia, coming to Ripon later in the year. Thankyou
  • 38Hi, CLARO BARRACKS army base is on the fringes of the City, but not more than a mile from the center. Driving from Ripon north on the A1 to the Scottish border takes about 3 hours, and south to the North Circular road of London about 4 hours. This can vary according to traffic volume, but is a reasonably good guide. Enjoy your visit to Ripon, we look forward to giving you a good Yorkshire warm welcome.
  • 39Hello, im hoping to get into ripon grammer for sixth form. i was wondering how good the town is for activities: is there a CCF? a gym? also how easy is it to cycle into the country from town? someone please write back! thank you....
  • 40Hello. I was wondering whether anyone could help to tell me what activities go on for 16-18 year olds?... what do they tend to get up to? is there anywhere good to go and have fun? Also, is there a CCF?? i am moving to the area next summer... PLEASE HELP! thankyou, by lotts
  • 41Further to the items 13 and 16 - the poem is 'High Flight' by Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee Jnr an American volunteer in the Royal Canadian Airforce who subsequently found himself at RAF Digby in Lincolnshire. He was killed in a mid air crash on December 13th 1941 and was buried at Holy Cross Church, Scopwick (Lincs). Much more detailed info can be obtained by typing in 'High Fligh Poem' or simply his name on the internet. Incidentally, this poem is read at our local cenotaph on Battle of Britain Sunday in September and is very moving. Much more info can be obtained by punching in 'High Flight Poem' or his name on the internet. Brian Rushworth, Vice Chairman & Publicity Officer, Ripon Branch of the RAFA (
  • 42Further to parts 13 and 16 the poem is 'High Flight' written by Pilot Officer Jon Gillespie Magee, an American who joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as a volunteer and subsequently ended up in Lincolnshire. He was killed in a mid air collision there during practise manoeuvres on December 13th 1941. He is buried in the graveyard of Holy Cross Church, Scopwick, Lincs. Much more info can be obtained by punching in 'High Flight Poem' or simply his rank and name. Brian Rushworth, Vice Chairman and Publicity Officer, Ripon branch of the RAFA.
  • 43I am looking to move to the area with two young boys? I wonder if anyone could advise on the positive aspects of Ripon as somewhere for us to move to? Thank you.
  • 44Is ripon far from middlesbrough
  • 45No 39, should perhaps learn how to spell RIPON GrammAr before joining the 6th form there. If you are forgiven, it is an exceptional school.
  • 46No. 40, Hello im a staff member at the local ATC sqn aswell as us there is a ACF unit here in ripon aswell. If you want to know more about us or want details for the ACF feel free to email me: Sgt W Cobbett ATC
  • 47No 40, The is an Air Cadet squadron and an Army Cadet detachment in Ripon, hope this helps.
  • 48Is there many bars and restaurants in ripon?
  • 49Hi is springhill school still there i was there in 1972
  • 50Hi 48 there are too many bars , and restaurants in ripon and too few choice of shops
  • 51Hi there am looking for any information regarding a photo that was taken of my sister, which was taken around 1954, maybe put in the ripon gazette, her name is Ann wood, would like to be able to grt a copy of this any ideas how to go about it?
  • 52Is the Dickensian market at Lightwater valley worth a visit? Is there an Xmas market in the square on December 5 2009?
  • 53Re 15. Ripon is like a big village with all the benefits of a medium sized town. The people are wonderful genuine North Yorkshire folk with big hearts and a droll sense of humor. I would not live any where else.
  • 54Where in Ripon is/was the old Harper Barracks Royal Signals 5 Sqdn
  • 55Further to my request No 54 - for info Harper Barracks it was 5 Training Regiment and not '5 Sqdn'. I did my R Signal' Despatch Rider' training there in 1952, I'm hopeing to visit Ripon this summer but cannot find any ref: to Harper Barracks, there must be someone as old as me out there who can remember it
  • 56Many fond memories of ripon and surrounding area served with 32sqdn 67-70 have tried to contact ex sappers on various sites no luck.
  • 57HARPER BARRACKS closed as a Royal Signals training establishment very early in the 1960's and the DR and Driver training was moved to Catterick. The old barracks, Harper was demolished and a brand new barracks built which was opened by the then Adjudant General in 1964 and has been continuosly occupied by a regiment of the Corps of Royal Engineers.The renamed barracks is called, Claro Barracks. Any further help ask.
  • 58Does anybody know of either of the following: [1] Adult French classes in Ripon and [2] A book club in Ripon ? I have googled and don't seem to be able to find either.
  • 59I was a l/cpl in 2sqn 5tr we trained drs todrive 15cwts after their bike training in 1949 the RSM was Bert Russel oc Mayjor Mc Arthur he was anAussie any one rember 22164620 BARRONu
  • 60For 15cwt say the firsth land rovers in use swb about 1950 with royal signals from l/cpl barron harper bks ripon hope to here from some old pals good days maybe Les cpt brorks driver 22164620k
  • 61I served at 5 training reg from 1954-to 56 I did know sgt Brooks Anyone else out there who was a driving instructor around that time
  • 62Me and my husband are moving to Ripon. Can you get a bus directly to Catterick Garrison, and if so how far is it? Also what are the best Married Army Quarters in Ripon?
  • 6358 - there is a book club starting from the little bookshop in Ripon - I am joining!
  • 64I was posted to Ripon last year (Mar - July) as part of an exchange program between the British and Australian Armies. I absolutely loved the place. The people are friendly and the city is beautiful. The roads surrounding Ripon as well are fantastic for a motorbike - up there with the best in the world - especially the road to Richmond via Masham. I loved it so much I would go back and live there (well, that's going a bit far - maybe if your beer was a little colder and your weather a bit warmer...)
  • 65Thank you for your kind comments about our lovely little City it is much appreciated. Come back again soon. Warm beer and cold weather is what makes us different, slightly odd, and a little quaint. We just love the people from the colonies, lets reform the British Empire and be one big happy family again.
  • 66I was stationed at Harper barracks in 1952 and spent many happy evenings at the Turks Head PH. Is is still there?
  • 67Re:- 54,55,56,57,59,60,61,64,66. My name is Martin Venters I served at 5 Training Regiment Harper Barracks from Aug 1955 to same period in 1957 as a 19 year old Sergeant Instructor at 2 squadron we wore the red shoulder flash. I had great time at 5 TR our local commander was a Major Routeledge and then a Major Dirs who was a real practical officer we had heaps of lieutenants many. I wish I could remember the name of the Colonel of 5 TR he was a real gent of a guy and looked after us. The trouble with finding any guys of my age is like heaps of my friends and relations they are not switched in to computers which is a real shame. I am looking for anyone from that period of time and in particular a guy that came for training in 1956 Tommy Clavin we met him in Watford in 1958 just before I was married with now my wife Pat, but he didnt come to our wedding which was a pity. Here are the guys that I remember well from 2 Sqn S/Sgt Wilkinson, Sgt Tweedie, Sgt Evans, Sgt Gus Murray, Sgt Reeves, Cpl Irwin, Lcpl Groves, Cpl Spriggs, Lcpl Ayres, Cpl Bill Smith, Sig Andy Bull (Judo Club) from 3 Sqn L/cpl Dobson L/cpl Jackson. Look forward to being in contact with any of you. Finally Ripon was great to us lot and I always felt welcome and hospitality from the locals. The treat was sausage and chips in a caf on the way back to camp on Saturday nights after the dancing in the town hall it was great and cheap. You can contact me Thank you and the folk of Ripon that put up with us and all the Landrovers flying through the Town
  • 68Is there any R E display this year in the square and when. I attended last year and wish to bring my grand kids this time. I was stationed there with 7 Field Squadron 1968 in Deverell Bks
  • 69Hi My Ancester was Martin b1805 m stevenson c1828 move to Aust my questions is there a family history group in Ripon ,under what area covers Ripon in the 1841/1851 cenus Norm
  • 70Wanting to take up river fishing around the ripon area. It seems that their is quite a few fishing clubs around the area. Please can any one help with suggestions. I do quite fancy fishing on canal, any info please
  • 71If anyone knows john banham who went to ripon modern school please email me thanks
  • 72Is there a book club in Ripon? If there is I would really like to join. If not is anyone interested in forming one/& or a Ripon group of National Women's Register? I have just moved here & previously enjoyed the company & lively debates at NWR in the various other places I've lived ( But the nearest NWR groups are in Knaresborough & Thirsk - both a bit far to drive, especially in the winter.
  • 73In response to No.70, there is much fishing around ripon. Have you tried Sleningford Watermill? It's fly fishing only, but many people have lots of luck. This stretch does not belong to any fishing club, you just pay the caravan park (in reception) directly. It's 10 full day, 5 junior and half day ticket (2010 prices)
  • 74 I am a descendant of Arnold Rypon of York and Walter Rippon who was around in 1599. Do you have any information about them. I have a bit of their history and recently came to UK, but not as far as
  • 75Hi my name is john sawyer i live in south africa and iwas wondering how i could get some history on my dad and my dads parents my dad was in the raf during ww2 my dad mr jack sawyer was a resident of ripon and i think his dad was a farmer could u find info for me or point me in the right direction my email addrs many thanks j sawyer.
  • 76Has there ever been a saturday market in Ripon if not do we no why
  • 77Hi,where is the cenotaph in ripon as i want to take my grandad tomorrow
  • 78Sometimes farmers & european markets are held on weekends, but never as big (or often) as the weekly Thurs market.
  • 79I will be moving to Ripon next year as my husband will be based at Claro Barracks. Does anyone know what the married quarters are like??
  • 80Hi Ripon Local Studies Research Centre is housed in the Gatehouse next to the Workshouse Museum on Allhallowgate, Ripon. Our aim is to provide a service for people, local and from anywhere else in the world, who are interested in local history and genealogy. We are a charity and rely on donations. We do,however, make a charge for longer periods of research. We are all volunteers. We would be pleased to try and help anyone who has an interest in the history of Ripon and the surrounding area and its past inhabitants. Our e-mail is and our website:
  • 81Is there anyone who was stationed at Ripon Barracks circa 1954 heard of a Jack Woodhead please. I believe he was a Staff Sgt and had something to do with music. Thank you
  • 82I LOVE RIPON CAMPAIGN Last year I started a campaign to help Ripon stay a lovely place to live, shop and spend leisure time. I would love to hear from anyone interested in joining the Group and taking a little time to feed in your thoughts on our lovely City. I am at the moment looking at Consumer Issues so keen to hear thoughts on shopping in Ripon. Pleas e-mail or mob 07816 890 980
  • 83Q34 There is an Access Guide 05 that gives ideas of places and should be available at Library, CVS and Tourist Office. It was produced by people involved in Ripon and Distict Disability Action Group so may help with Dad. Ann Townson RADDAG contact through CVS
  • 84In answer to 76 there has always been a small market on A Saturday for many years . It is just fresh produce, sadly many of the stallholders have died or retired and now there is 1 fruit and veg stall and 1 flower stall., both of them standing for many years.
  • 85I have just moved to Ripon with my husband and 2 yr old little girl, as he has just been posted to Claro Barracks. I know absolutely no one here, wondering if anyone could advise of any good mother and toddler groups? Feeling a little isolated x
  • 86Can anyone give me any feedback on cathedral choir school? Is it worth the money? Looks a really good school but would appreciate feedback.
  • 87Aee there any art groups and/or art classes in Ripon? Also any Pilates classes?
  • 88Q17 mrs j humble now lives on high st agnesgate
  • 89In answer to 86. I am the parent of two boys who were both educated at RCCS. My eldest is now at another independent school on two scholarships, one academic and the other music. He was a chorister and sang in over 500 events in Christian worship at Ripon Cathedral and beyond. My younger son (who was is not a chorister) is in his last year and will soon be joining his elder brother at the same independent school. We have been VERY happy with RCCS.
  • 90Does anyone know of any Elliotts that lived at 15 kirkgate Ripon around 1910.
  • 91Is there any one out there who new my father Brian Fry stationed at 5 Training July 1952 till June 1954 I believe his job was in the store's. Any help gratefully received.
  • 92Hi No.79, the quarters are ok,,depends where abouts you live. The more modern qtrs are on tarbard ave by the barracks, clotherholme park and clotherholme road are older but can be made very homely. Good Luck and hope you enjoy yopur stay here.
  • 93Please can anybody confirm date of St Wilfrids Day Parade 2011 Thank you.
  • 94Hi there, we are thinking of moving to Ripon with a toddler and baby, are there any mother and baby groups, music groups, coffee groups etc? I want to move somewhere with a good sense of community and lots to do! Moving from London
  • 95ref No 14 There are a few of us still living in Ripon who where in 48 at that time, Aden, Malta, Kenya etc. Ron Weeks
  • 96In answer to q66, "The Turks Head" has been closed for approx 2 years, BUT Pat previous Landlady from "The Ship Inn" has purchased it,is currently renovating it, and hoping to open before Christmas 2012, and praying it will be a success, so watch this space! Good luck and Merry Christmas Pat. For Military info,The REA maybe able to help you, For soldiers and families arriving into Ripon, they have lots of events to attend, starting with Burns night 25th January 2013, for more info,check out their website.They are very welcoming and lots of fun.
  • 97HI my mother came to the craft fair on the 15th August and purchased a Yew earing holder and I wondered if anyone knows the person who sells them ?
  • 98Hi 67, Martin Ventners..........just browsing the internet as one does........Yes ! I was at 5th Training Regiment, Royal Signals, from October 1957 to August 1959, National Service. Clerk and telephone operator on Cadre and I can certainly recall a Major Dirs.......also Pat and Bills cafe down by the Cathedral in Ripon (love letters in the sand !) on the juke box. The dance hall with all those lovely Yorkshire lasses (one of whom had to be walked home down the "ginnel" past the Cathedral, before I could go the opposite dirrection to get back to barracks !) Then there were the Garrision Theatre Christmas Parties when we and the Royal Engineers Deverill Barracks, were each asigned a child too entertain from Dr Banardo`s for the evening . As a nineteen year old that was a most rewarding phase of my life, together with the long walks in the snow to Fountains Abbey.....(with none of your fancy hi-tech fabrics....!) Just boots and gaitors and "fatigues" and whatever sarnies we could put together from the cookhouse or the NAFFI.....and a good team of guys from all walks of life making up the team.....! Wo ! .........betide you ! as well, if you ever went to the NAFFI when "MRS DALES DIARY"....was on the radio ! ! ! (Its true......! they would`nt serve you........."bless em !")........ There you go, Martin a little bit of nostalgia from Signalman Mike Jarvis 23412321 was me and Bob who would walk around with a 20 foot ladder from Officers Mess ....Sargents Mess........Cookhouse....! ! ! ...whilst the rest of the Regiment were on the square for "RSM`s Saturday Parade.......OOOOOOOOPs ! ! ! Retired Colonel Fillingham, DLI was the welfare officer and a tutor at Leeds University......I was his clerk and driver. Keep well everyone and feel free to make contact if you wish.......times at Ripon, whether military or civilian was indeed, a very fond and lasting part of my life......Cheers. (
  • 9923736860 sig padget.r I did my driver training at harper bks,great days. I remember nights out in ripon. the tattoo shop the cafe, and the town crier in the city centre and riding motor cycle linethrough river very scary and rocky and driving through the loverly yorkshire country side and meeting the then princess royal ? a very interesting time and busy then there was a transport strike i seem to remember but what for I don,t recall ,all I have from those days is my tattoo.from there I was posted to catterick lineman training school the year would be poss. 1959 dec.
  • 100Thanks for the post!