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Molotov Cocktail

2 Georgias Mews, High Skellgate, Ripon, HG41BD

07882 115750

In its simplest form, a Molotov Cocktail is a glass bottle containing petrol fuel, usually with a source of ignition such as a burning, fuel-soaked, cloth wick held in place by the bottle’s stopper.
Taking this simple ethos, the mixing of two exceptionally driven and talented individuals, delivers one highly explosive creative design experience which will have a revolutionary impact on the way you communicate with your clients. We give the same attention to detail, the same quality, efficiency and customer service you would expect from any of the design industry’s big guns but, with less working parts to service, at a much more
affordable price. With a wealth of knowledge, over 20 years’ design experience and a far reaching network of suppliers, we are able to deliver a massive impact at any level. Whether you are a small independent business or a large multi-national, with our vision and our dedication to providing explosive creative solutions, we’ll send out shockwaves that will be noticed and envied by your clients and competitors alike.
We can help you deliver your message. Join the revolution today and unleash the devastating power of Molotov Cocktail into your world.

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