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ADHD Yorkshire Advice & Support Group

First Cottage, Church Street, Ripon, HG4 3RT


ADHD Yorkshire is a long established Support Group, who for the last few years we have been working in close partnership with ADDept Yorkshire Learning & Ability Support Group.

Our team are 100% dedicated to our members, all lived With Hidden Impairments and parented children who like us 'Learn & Behave Differently'.


Run a 24 hour Advice and Support Phone Service

Act together Raising Awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Campaign for Specialist Services and Support for adults and children.

Provide Training to Local and National Government Departments.

Advocate for those with ADHD

To remain completely independent advocates:

We are 100% voluntary,

Operate on a shoestring budget,

Do not accept funding from such as pharmaceutical supplement companies, councils, CTís or any sources that could be viewed as conflict of interest.

Our staff have a wide knowledge and understanding of the difficulties people living with Hidden Impairments face on a daily basis and have a high success rate in helping others come to terms with their differences so enabling them to live up to their full potential.

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