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Open Doors Media Ltd

Express Group Building, College Business Park, Kearlsely Road, Ripon, HG4 2RN


Open Doors Media are educational publishers specialising in the 14-19-year-old market. For many years, our team have worked in this field with schools, colleges, training providers and educational representatives. We launched in
2010 to provide a direct channel between young people who want to get ahead through vocational learning and the training providers who wish to reach them. With years of specialist experience in the youth market, we’re passionate about inspiring young people towards a brighter, more skilled future.

The Open Doors regional prospectus brings together essential information on vocational training into one publication to meet the needs of both young people and those wishing to reach this audience. Targeted to nine different regions of England (as broken down by the LSC), each regional edition is published three times a year (one per term) to provide an
up-to-date medium for our advertisers. The Open Doors prospectus is written in a friendly, informative style and covers the following areas:
• sector overviews
• employer profiles
• regional trends
• local opportunities
• Qualification and career progression guides
• learner success stories
• and much more

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