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EuraAuditUK - Accountants and Business Advisors

Eva Lett House, 1 South Crescent, Ripon, HG4 1SN

01765 600681

EuraAuditUK – Yorkshire Accountants and Business Advisors

Contact our local Partners -

Brian Elsworth – (01765 600681)

Nick Price – (07720380005)

Peter Tarren – (08453300451)

Why EuraAuditUK?

We’re local, personal and Yorkshire-folk!

If you’re looking for the expertise of the top 10 firms with the personal service of a smaller firm – EuraAuditUK is perfect for you and your business.

With 9 locations in Yorkshire, you’re never too far from one of our offices and teams of highly-experienced, qualified and good-humoured specialists.

We’re Experienced, Qualified and not too grumpy!

You get access to expertise in different industries including farming, retail, hospitality and professional services. You also have in-house access and expert advice in specialist fields like inheritance tax planning, capital gains tax or mergers and acquisitions. Get all your financial needs met through one point of contact with the personal attention you would never get from a bigger firm –

You have access to International connections…

If you want to expand, export, outsource or even just buy a holiday home, you have access to international advisors from 70 countries through EuraAudit International – our global network of accountants and tax advisors. You’ll also have access to international legal services through allied legal network Interlegal.

We’re Established and committed…

We are delighted to have celebrated our 70th Anniversary serving Yorkshire Businesses and have been committed to business and community in Ripon for decades! Our Chairman Barrie Price is Vice-President of EuraAudit International and recently celebrated 50 years being a Chartered Accountant.

Yorkshire businesses have benefited from our services since 1939 when we opened our first office in Ripon and we now have 9 offices in Yorkshire and several abroad to meet your needs better. We’ve seen clients successfully through several recessions and are proud to be dealing with the sons and daughters of retired clients -

To learn more about our services, do have a look at our website or contact one of our local partners now for a free consultation! Call now -

Brian Elsworth – (01765 600681)

Nick Price – (07720380005)

Peter Tarren – (08453300451)

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