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Past Polls

Below are the polls which have already been run on Ripon Internet.

Poll #9

Should the Lightwater Valley Holiday Village be given Permission to Go Ahead?

  • Yes, it will be good for the area (44%) 
  • No, it will be a blot on the landscape (19%) 
  • Yes, but not on such a grand scale (7%) 
  • There needs to be a better traffic system at the clocktower (30%) 

Poll #8

What should the Market Square be used for to help Ripon the most?

  • Full parking all the time - more cars, more shoppers. (23%) 
  • Full & exciting list of events for the Market Square (27%) 
  • Full Pedestrianised area (27%) 
  • Half Parking, Half Pedestrianised for events. (23%) 

Poll #7

Is the cost of the new flood defences worth it?

  • Yes, we need the defences (64%) 
  • No, let nature take it's course (32%) 
  • It seems a huge amount of money being spent (4%) 

Poll #6

Do people in Ripon buy and read the Ripon Gazette?

  • I buy it every week and read it (44%) 
  • I sometimes buy it and read it (31%) 
  • I never buy it or read it (26%) 

Poll #5

Is the Market Place the best place for the travelling Fair?

  • I enjoy the fair but think it should be relocated (24%) 
  • Yes it is the best place (24%) 
  • No, I avoid Ripon when the fair is on (52%) 

Poll #4

Will free parking in Ripon encourage you to shop in Ripon more?

  • Generally always shop in Ripon anyway (30%) 
  • Yes, it will do (57%) 
  • No, prefer the large out of town complexes (13%) 

Poll #3

Should the Railway line be reopened between Ripon & Harrogate?

  • Yes, in favour of it (76%) 
  • No, waste of money (13%) 
  • Potentially a good idea (9%) 
  • It will never happen (2%) 

Poll #2

What is the solution to keep Ripon's streets cleaner?

  • More street cleaners (18%) 
  • More litter bins (35%) 
  • People to be more diligent (41%) 
  • It will always be a problem (6%) 

Poll #1

What is the solution to parking in Ripon?

  • Park & Ride (36%) 
  • Build a multi-storey (50%) 
  • More on-street parking (14%) 
  • Other (0%)