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Past Polls

Below are the polls which have already been run on Ripon Internet.

Poll #18

Should Ripon Marketplace's roads be repaired or resurfaced?

  • We must retain the heritage and repair the block work. (54%) 
  • We have to go back to tarmac for the main roads. (32%) 
  • Whatever they do it needs sorting before Winter. (14%) 

Poll #17

What is Your Opinion about Booths?

  • Love it .. a welcome addition to Ripon (61%) 
  • We already have enough supermarkets (13%) 
  • Better that I expected (10%) 
  • Not as good as I expected (16%) 

Poll #16

Would a loyalty card scheme in Ripon encourage you to shop locally?

  • Most of the time (60%) 
  • Maybe (40%) 

Poll #15

As a Ripon resident where do you do your shopping?

  • I do the majority of shopping in Ripon (46%) 
  • I do the majority of shopping outside of Ripon (8%) 
  • Mainly on the internet or I travel outside of Ripon (8%) 
  • Some in Ripon, some out of Ripon (38%) 

Poll #14

Whats the Verdict on the Ripon Christmas Decorations

  • Lovely display as always (33%) 
  • Could do with a bigger & better tree (22%) 
  • Poor relation to Harrogate syndrome again (44%) 

Poll #13

What shops would you like to see join Argos & Booths in the new development

  • Any national chain store (17%) 
  • A DVD rental / game shop (27%) 
  • A sports shop like JJB (23%) 
  • More local specialist shops (33%) 

Poll #12

Will the New Traffic Plans Ease Conjestion?

  • Yes, it will work out well (22%) 
  • No, it will be mayhem (54%) 
  • Can't see it working out, but we'll see (24%) 

Poll #11

What should happen to the Spa Baths building?

  • For the existing pool to be redeveloped and kept (46%) 
  • For the building to be demolished for affordable housing (3%) 
  • To be developed into an arts & theatre venue (38%) 
  • To be a community based centre (13%) 

Poll #10

Now that Bonfire night is over we start to consider whether fireworks should be:

  • Banned altogether from the UK (0%) 
  • Banned from retail - public displays only (59%) 
  • Make laws tighter to stop anti-social behaviour (18%) 
  • There isn't a problem - why spoil the fun (23%)